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All Sprinklers Go Off At Once When A Fire Is Detected.

This is False.

One of the amazing design features of the Fire Protection systems is that the only sprinklers that activate in a fire are the areas where the fire is hot enough to trigger the sprinkler. What this means is that the system is designed to attack the fire at its source. This focused approach to addressing a fire allows the greatest amount of protection for the least amount of water damage.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Cause Significant Water Damage.

This is False.

Because of the design of these systems, you will only see sprinklers activate in areas where fire exists. A Fire Sprinkler system runs at roughly 25 gallons of water per minute. This is compared to a fire truck that pours out exponentially more water per minute. A Fire Sprinkler system activates immediately upon the heat of a fire triggering the sensor. This means that in a scenario where there is a sprinkler, the fire is attacked immediately. In a smoke detector scenario, once that sensor is activated, a call goes out to the fire department. If we assume an average response time of seven minutes, that means that from time of detection to the initial time of the fire being contained almost 10 minutes have gone by. Consider this: In a Fire Sprinkler system fire, 80% of fires are suppressed with one sprinkler head, and 90% are suppressed by no more than four sprinkler heads. This amounts to significantly less water damage.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Only Save Property.

This is False.

The amazing truth about Fire Sprinkler systems is that they work. They have no differentiation between property and life. They exist to attack a fire upon detection. This means that a properly designed Fire Sprinkler system is an investment into creating the safest environment to protect both property and lives. The placement of a system in any commercial, residential or industrial property is the best strategy to protect lives.

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