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Designed to Work

There are essentially two ways to look at Fire Sprinkler Systems. The first way is to see them as a building requirement code that needs to be satisfied. The second way to see these systems is as an investment. An investment into the protection of property and the lives of people. At MFP Design, we see our role in the building process as working with contractors to design systems that you hope you will never need, and yet want to know with confidence that these systems will deploy if the need arises.

With over 30 years of experience, we aim to use every tool we have to help design the right sprinkler system for the property, work to ensure that the correct permits are pulled, and strive to secure the best pricing. We know that our role is to use every tool available to help bring the project to completion. That is why we see the use of BIM 3D Coordination (Building Information Modeling) as a critical service that we offer. This process allows for increased coordination between general contractors and helps identify conflicts that may arise between different trades.


Fire Protection/Sprinkler/Suppression Design

Designing the right system for the right type of property is what we do best. Commercial, Residential and Industrial; we do it all. Our focus throughout the process is to strategically work with the contractor to make the process seamless. We have design experience in:

  • Wet
  • Dry
  • Antifreeze
  • Pre-action
  • Storage Facilities
  • High Piled Storage
  • In-Rack Sprinklers
  • Fire Pumps
  • StandPipes
  • Storage Tanks
  • Residential 13D and 13R Systems
  • BIM Modeling and Coordination

Identify Site Conflicts Before They Arise

The challenges of coordinating between all the different trades on a job site can be complex to manage. What can be even more frustrating is when the plans for one contractor directly affect the work to be completed by another. Our 3D Coordination Service (BIM) helps to identify the problems before work on the job site even begins.

Our 3D object-based coordination capability allows for a 3D model to be created from the plans of all the trades that will work on a site and conflicts can be managed from this model in a way that saves time and money. This revolutionary technology allows obstacles to managed in the pre-construction phase.

We are proud to offer this service and work closely with you to help your project avoid the problems before they arise.

Advancing the Industry and Training the Future

Travis Mack has over 30 years of experience in the Fire Protection field. His expertise has help him to build a successful business and has developed systems that have been put to the test in real life situations and have successfully extinguished fires as planned. He is passionate about the need to continue to advance the field of Fire Protection, and also believes that it is a responsibility to pass on his experience to future designers.

Travis Mack is available to speak at your event or training. His ability to not only share his experience, but also his passion makes him a great addition to your event. Contact him about your future needs for your event.

Industry Leaders

With projects spanning the globe, MFP Design works with the following industry leaders and can help wherever your project might take you.

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